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When you register for Vision Hockey programs, you will be asked to read and agree with our Medical Policy, Liability Waiver, and Photo Release. These policies are described below. If you have questions about or need further clarification or information about any of these policies, please contact Vision Hockey.

Concussion-Injury Action Plan:  If it is suspected that a player has a concussion or injury, the player will be removed from play. Parents or guardians (emergency contact) will be notified immediately to ensure the player is evaluated by appropriate health care professionals.  The player will be allowed to return to play only with permission from an appropriate health care professional.
Medical Policy:

By submitting your registration with Vision Hockey as the adult player or the parent/guardian of the player ("I"):
• I acknowledge the risks associated with ice hockey.
• I agree to provide medical insurance for myself/my player, or will self insure.
• I understand that in the event of injury, the emergency contact I designated above will be notified.
• I understand that in the event of a potential concussion, I/my player will need to provide medical clearance in order to return to the ice.
• I give permission for Vision Hockey or the rink management to obtain emergency medical help if I/my player is injured or becomes ill during Vision Hockey activities.
• I understand that Checking Clinics/Bantam/HS skills sessions may include checking instruction in a supervised environment.

Liability Waiver:

By submitting this registration with Vision Hockey as the adult player or the parent/guardian of the player ("I"):
• I agree to release and hold harmless Vision Hockey and its owners, coaches, volunteers, and all other persons acting on its behalf, from any and all claims, demands, and right of actions whatsoever, which I ever had, which I now have, or which I may have, on account of bodily injury both known and unknown, property damage, loss of services, and/or medical expenses sustained by me or my child which may hereafter arise as a result of my participation in the activities of Vision Hockey.


Photo Release:

As the adult player or the parent/guardian of the player, I give Vision Hockey permission to use photographs of me/my player on its website and social media platforms and marketing materials.

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